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Albertov Research Center

Albertov Research Center (ARC) is an inter-university department founded by declaration of partnership on creating joint research and education department in 2001 and mutual cooperation agreement concluded in 2003 between Charles University and Czech Technical University in Prague.
In close cooperation to the university sector, another partner represents the Clevertech company through which we are able to commercialize our products and make our ideas to be applied in a real practice.

Our department is focused on research, development and commercialization of hardware and software technologies in medicine. It provides background for cooperation of experts from technical disciplines, healthcare practitioners, students, and people from both commercial and non-profit sectors. The main aim is to put the results of our research to practice while meeting the needs of our end users (ie. doctors and patients), and at the same time, let the products be available to them as soon as possible.

Projects we are focused on are related to the interdisciplinary field of biomedical engineering with close cooperation of technical, medical, health and social services. Crucial part of our development is applied to telemetric systems, wearable sensors’ applications, biosignals analysis, mobile and desktop applications and other areas.

We are very open to an international cooperation. Adpart from strengthening of a relationship with our partners, this help us to effectively exchange knowledge and ensure that our products are following so called “state of the art” solutions.

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

Most of researchers coming from FBME have their background in study programmes of Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Informatics and Appliances and Methods for Biomedicine. The unique feature of the FBME team is their ability to provide expertise in interdisciplinary research due to the necesity to apply technology in medicine.

Apart from education of the FBME students the research teams run numerous R&D projects both at national and international level. Between 2011 – 2013, FBME in cooperation with the University of Tromsø and NST from Norway successfully implemented project focused on knowledge exchange in telemedicine. One of its parts was research devoted to diabetes. The FBME team participates in the FP7 DISCHARGE project conducting comparative effectiveness research of existing technologies in the specific health field. FBME project team members performed in last 10 years over 12 patent applications (4 patents received) and over 25 utility models in the field of human monitoring and telemedicine.

The FBME provides necessary ICT infrastructure including suitable software utilities and hardware tools enabling top-level R&D in the relevant areas.

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In 2014 the UCEEB build the personal medical system laboratory within “University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings” project funded from national Operational Programme: Science and Research for Innovation.

The FBME provides necessary ICT infrastructure including suitable software utilities and hardware tools enabling top-level R&D in the relevant areas.

The advanced bio-materials laboratory serves for the development of new nano materials for biomedical and technical purposes. Part of the laboratory is a unique smart-home monitoring system. In fact, it is an experimental intelligent apartment, which is being used in interdisciplinary research and development of components and system solutions aimed at the use of state-of-the-art communication and monitoring devices for telemedical and social services in intelligent buildings (personal medical systems).​

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The 1st Faculty of Medicine is the oldest medical school in Central Europe and the largest medical faculty in the Czech Re

public. Beside traditional education provides excellent conditions for basic and applied research and innovative project management.

The faculty stands out in the comparison with other non-faculty departments as the single most important institution in the field of biomedical and clinical research in the
Czech Republic.

37% of the combined production of all 6 Czech faculties of Medicine originated at the 1st Faculty of Medicine.

It also has a leading position in comparison of institutional productivity in applied research.

Combination of science and research together with its pedagogic activity sets a base for the leading role of the 1st Faculty of Medicine among the most successful faculties of the CU.

CleverTech is a modern company specialized in innovative research and development in close cooperation with university (spin off) and professional commercial application. Company projects are oriented into interdisciplinary field of biomedical engineering where close cooperation in technical, medical, health and social services. Since 2005 there are several interesting applications of self modular system (technology). Projects, or specific products, are based on mobile telemetric system where several modules enables human body data to be acquired and remote processed for target information.

This information is supervised by the inspection center for optimal feedback to the supervised object. Desired kind of help is coordinated afterwards.

Thanks to this part of the ARC we are able to commercialize our products and make our ideas to be applied in a real practice.

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