Open possitions for master and Ph.D. students

Our team

Our research center is an inter-university department of Charles University and Czech Technical University in Prague. Our team consists researchers and technical and medical experts as well as students from different fields – biomedical technologies, software and hardware development, medicine or health care. We are focused on research, development and commercialization of hardware and software technologies in medicine. It provides background for cooperation of experts from technical disciplines, healthcare practitioners, students, and people from both commercial and non-profit sectors. Our workplace is located in the very center of the capital city Prague.

Projects we are focused on are related to the interdisciplinary field of biomedical engineering with close cooperation of technical, medical, health and social services. Crucial part of our development is applied to telemetric systems, wearable sensors’ applications, biosignals analysis, mobile and desktop applications and other areas. The main aim is to put the results of our research to practice while meeting the needs of our end users (i.e. doctors and patients), and at the same time, let the products be available to them as soon as possible.

International cooperation
We are very open to an international cooperation. We are able to provide help with accommodation and other necessities for possible student. We are looking for master or Ph.D. students, who are well motivated and aren’t afraid of joining our team.

Exchange programs

Faculty of the Czech Technical University in Prague (FBME) enables the Erasmus+ program for students from universities with a bilateral agreement.

For more information see the official web page of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

International students who would like to apply for the bachelor‘s or master‘s study at FBME can search here for more information:

Other mobility programs

Master and post-Master scholars and researchers who are citizens of the Visegrad countries or who are citizens of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine can apply for Visegrad scholarship program to study at any accredited university/institute within V4. Your application must be submitted by March 15 2020, 12.00 (noon). More info how to apply for the scholarship:

If you are interested in any of available projects, please, contact us at​.