The primary use of the device is to support research in biology, psychology, human research, etc.
Finds use wherever it is needed in experiments continuous and accurate sensing of biological and technical signals, such as electrocardiogram, electromyogram, skin resistance, respiration curve, temperature, humidity, pressure, physical activity, etc., all synchronized in the same timeline.

The system allows online mobile reading these physiological and technical parameters in real time and even from several subjects at once and monitoring individual physiological responses to various stimuli. Universal system with a wide array of applications – from precision “lie detector” to the research and promotion of psycho-physiological states such as diagnostics. Psychology. Possible human and veterinary use.This device in minimum configuration consists of 5 parts, that you can find the picture below:
1) a measuring unit
2) the patient harness
3) the connection of the measuring electrodes
4) connection of the measuring electrodes on the ECG or EMG, skin resistance,
5) Shezor body temperature and the ambient temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and physical activity (3D accelerometer). 

In addition to the online data transfer to a PC or to a tablet can store data on the built-in memory card. Or, conversely, to use a system for continuous monitoring with on-line display of signals from individual porbadů. Built-in LiPo battery enables a single charge under continuous online radio transmission about 24 hours of continuous operation mode with built-in storage on a memory card about 2 days. External battery charger, charging time of a fully discharged battery is approximately 4 hours.

The openness of the system – through another connector can connect additional custom converters of physical quantities, it is available 6 free analog inputs and 8 digital inputs and outputs for your own youThe system connects to the PC using a standard USB interface, which comes with every notebook or desktop PC.52314The system is user-friendly software VLV Scope, which can be run on a desktop PC running MS Windows or MacOS X or Android on a laptop, PC, or tablet. Software enables convenient and simple management experiment – scanned values ​​with online preview and automatic control scales, smooth scrolováním etc. Open data format and communication protocol. Ability to export the measured data into CSV for further processing.

The selected system parameters

The sensor unit (typical configuration on the client is perhaps the assembly of individual measuring modules):

  • 1 channel ECG signal, adjustable sampling rate (typically 500 Hz or 1 kHz), AD converter resolution of 24 bits. Can be used as a standard adhesive disposable ECG electrodes and sensing chest strap or fitness shirt with built-in electrodes. Optionally can use up to 3 channels of ECG, respectively. another measure electrophysiological signal (e.g. EMG)
  • skin resistance, external finger probe, range 5-5000 Ohm,
  • breathing curve derived from changes in the bioimpedance of the chest
  • 1x body temperature – an external probe, range 30-50 st. C, accuracy 0.1 st. C. Optionally, more probes can be used, max. 4
  • 1x ambient temperature – built-in or external probe, range from -30 to +90 degrees of Celsius, accuracy 1 o C. Optionally can use multiple probes, max. 4
  • 1x 3D aktigram – external probe, typically mounted / fixed to the chest area. The range of +/- 2 G or +/- 8 G.Voliteně may use multiple probes, max. 4
  • 1 signal-controlled LED visualization / analyzer software
  • 1x event button. Alternatively possible to connect several of event buttons

WiFi technology – scanning unit acts as a server to which the controller / collection computer equipped with measuring software logs and communicates with it via BSD sockets (with knowledge of IP addresses scanning unit, a communication port number and, if appropriate keys to decrypt data)

Measuring software

  • System requirements: PC desktop and / or notebook and / or tablets, sufficient for running MS Windows operating system in at least 7 or at least Android version 4, or Mac OS X version 10.1 or OpensSuSE Linux version 13th Sufficient spare capacity storage media ( memory card or hard drive), at least in the hundreds of megabytes. WiFi or Ethernet interface.
  • automatic recognition of connected units, previewing the waveform of signals in real-time detection and automatic recovery from communication errors
  • the ability to store all measured signals to a data file
  • possibility to include algorithms for data analysis in the form of plug-ins (eg. A module for the analysis of heart rate variability, a module for analyzing the physical and mental burden).
  • possibility of inserting user and synchronizing brands.

Mobile measurement set VLV-LAB for one proband:


This minimum basic set consists of a microprocessor controlled telemetry measurement units equipped with WiFi interface, compact removable patient leakage harness for connecting the measuring electrodes on ECG, EMG, skin resistance, temperature sensor, and physical activity. Everything is placed in the transport case. The set is also configured WiFi module for connecting to a PC or tablet and a CD with the scanning software VLV-Scope and charger.

The scanning software VLV-Scope included:

The software is available for Windows 7 and 8 for Mac OS X Yosemite and OpenSuse Linux 12 and 13.