Technologies for eHealth at CTU    Registration number: CZ.07.1.02/0.0/0.0/17_049/0000834

The project is implemented from the Operational Program Prague – Pole of Growth of the Czech Republic, Call No. 32 for Support of Technology and Knowledge Transfer from Research Organizations into Practice.

Project is focused on research results commercialization.


The subject of the project is the verification of the concept of the technological platform of the personal health system tailored according to the needs of future users (patients, doctors).

Type 1 diabetes in pediatric patients is a daily burden not only for the child, but especially for parents who look over the glycemic control, fully decide on the dosage of insulin, count carbohydrates and adjust the planned activities of the child.

A great burden for parents is when they have to hand over the child into the hands of other people. It is difficult for parents to remotely arrange all medical procedures as well as the prevention of severe hypoglycemia. The child may be reluctant to turn to a supervisor or may not recognize the condition on his own when hypoglycaemic symptoms appears.

Nowadays, there are already continuous blood glucose monitors that allow continuous monitoring of patient’s glucose level and sharing of measured data remotely. However, a small child may not always accept this device well.

In addition, at preschool age, a child does not even understand the values on a display and is completely dependent on the advice of a parent on the phone or an educated supervisor.

Our telemedicine solution offers the connection of a continuous blood glucose monitor and a mobile application of a diabetes diary with a smart toy.

As a result, the pediatric patient receives feedback on blood glucose through the toy in a fun and interactive way. The toy also reproduces food or insulin information that a parent remotely enters into a shared diabetes diary application.

Thanks to this audiovisual feedback, the child is much more involved into his own treatment, it is easier to learn the basics of insulin dosing and estimate portion sizes of meals.

The shared application also provides the supervisor with an overview of the child’s treatment steps and the possibility of effective communication with parents.

Diabetes diary mobile application

The diabetes diary application makes it possible to keep records of measured glycaemia, applied insulin doses, carbohydrate intake, possibly also calories, physical activity and weight of a patient. Blood glucose and physical activity can be transmitted to the diary automatically through connected devices. The proposed concept also uses the possibility of automatic synchronization of recorded data between all devices that are connected to the patient’s account. This means, for example, that information on the insulin dose or portion size of food entered by a parent from one mobile phone will automatically be displayed on the patient’s one and, if applicable, the superviser’s device if he or she has an access to the account, and vice versa.

Mobile application with connected smart toy

The application is used to collect data from the CGM, to give a quick preview of the current blood glucose level and to set preferences for the toy’s sound and light signals.

The toy gives the patient audiovisual feedback in the form of color flashing, vibration and playing a sound. The toy has the option of setting an alarm for getting up in the morning or reminder during the day. The toy can be switched to a silent mode for discreet use, such as at school. It charges wirelessly and lasts up to three days on a single charge.

Functions of the toy:

Wireless connection with CGM device

Early notification of an upcoming dangerous situation (hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia) 

Reminder for eating snacks during the day

Wireless charger and long lasting battery capacity

Possibility to adjust the volume and intensity of color alarms

The new system facilitates communication between the child’s parents and the supervisor, provides the child with information on treatment and current health in a fun way, increases education and at the same time the mental well-being of all the people involved in patient´s therapy, including the patient himself, and all of that leads to a more effective treatment.

CONTACT:  Ing. Jan Mužík, Ph.D. / muzik@fbmi.cvut.cz

ADDRESS: Joint workplace of Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, CTU, and  the First Faculty of Medicine, CUNI, Studničkova 7/2028 Praha 2

Registration number of the project: CZ.07.1.02/0.0/0.0/17_049/0000834

Call number: 07_17_049

Managing authority:  Capital City of Prague

Recipient: Czech Technical University in Prague