The aim of this activity is extensive testing and proof of concept of experimental computer-controlled defibrillator, which is designed especially for low-energy defibrillation.

The device allows easier testing of discharges or their sequence for the experimental validation of new defibrillation techniques. The concept of device consists of a controling computer, including a comprehensive utility software, digital converters and modules, protection and monitoring functions and high-voltage amplifier. The device allows flexible generation of a broad spectrum of defibrillation shocks or sequences which may be generated, either independently or based on real-time analysis of acquired ECG.

The device can be used in the research of low-energy defibrillation methods, where future practice make use of defibrillation significantly safer. The method based on the controlled application of several low-energy defibrillation pulses use much lower voltage and energy than standard methods. This defibrillation becomes friendlier to the tissues, including myocardium and almost painless for the same efficacy compared to current practice.

There will be carried out extensive testing of several. Samples of devices will be tested in several organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad. Based on the tests, the concept will be modified and there will be prepared a fully functional sample tested according to user needs. Testers and other potential customers will fill in the questionnaire in-depth analysis data of the potential market. The protection of intellectual property through utility model, Czech patent application and possibly later also international patent applications will be prepared.