The Flexiguard system was developed at the faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, in cooperation with the 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague.
The functionality of the system was designed in close cooperation with experts in Medicine and in Safety Engineering. It is based on the needs of the end users,mostly rescues, soldiers and firefighters.
The systems consists of a set of sensors (for monitoring temperature, heart rate, acceleration, humidity etc.) and modular sensing unit, which records the measured data and sends them to the visualization unit.

The aim of the system is to provide enhanced over all safety to health during rescues and other missions. On each member of the team are measured various physiological and environmental parameters (like heart rate, body temperature, presence of radioations..), and the data are wirelessly transmitted to a commander`s visualization unit. During the data transfer to the visualization unit, a loss of approx 0.2% of packets occurred.

After approppriate processing, the informations on health status of the members of the team are displayed on an handled device (like tablet or smartphone), and in the end is available a complete representation of it. This information is presented in an user friendly form, and can be used immediately. Futhermore, every each personal device keeps a complete record of the monitored signals in its internal memory. The system thus can offer information to the commander, which may prove essential for the optimalization of operational strategies, taking the state of wellbeing of the team members into account.